Renewable Energy Technology

Premier Technology supply high energy efficient Renewable Energy Heating Systems, using Heat Pumps, Underfloor heating, Aluminium Radiators and Smart Controls to Plumbers, Heating Installers and House Builders.

Making a decision on what type of heating system will most effectively suit your home and your lifestyle can be confusing. A new heating system will always vastly improve efficiency and comfort in your home but it can be a sizeable investment, so it’s important to choose wisely. Much like buying any other large appliance, it makes sense to look beyond the purchase price and to consider the lifetime running costs you will save.

With the introduction of new Building Regulations in Ireland, Air to Water Heat Pumps have become very popular. Air to Water Heat Pumps will lower the Carbon Footprint relative to the use of conventional fossil fuel energy. Premier Technology supply cost effective Heating Systems to Plumbers, Heating Installers and House Builders with energy efficient Heat Pumps combined with Underfloor Heating Systems using Smart Electrical Controls.

Premier Technology is a trade name of Premier Plastics Ltd., Shinagh, Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland, P72 HD29
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